Top Reasons to Choose AutoNation Nissan: Read This Before Making a Decision

Top Reasons to Choose AutoNation Nissan Read This Before Making a Decision by autoambiente from
Top Reasons to Choose AutoNation Nissan Read This Before Making a Decision by autoambiente from


AutoNation Nissan Memphis offers a big selection of fleet vehicles. This includes vans, work trucks, and commercial vehicles for different business needs.1

Are you looking for a tough Nissan Frontier with many engine options and cabin setups?

Or maybe you need the powerful Nissan Titan with its Cummins Turbo Diesel power and great towing?1

You’re in luck because AutoNation Nissan has everything you’re looking for.

They offer a wide range of Nissan commercial and fleet vehicles.

Key Takeaways

  • AutoNation Nissan offers a wide selection of Nissan commercial and fleet vehicles, including the Frontier, Titan, NV Cargo, NV200 Compact Cargo, and NV Passenger models.
  • Nissan is known for its reliable and sturdy commercial vehicles. These vehicles give businesses the power, capacity, and features they require.
  • The dealership teams up with customers to set up the vehicles exactly how they want. They also offer custom modifications.
  • AutoNation Nissan strives to provide a convenient, tailored experience for business and fleet owners.
  • Customers can enjoy special Nissan cash back offers and exclusive AutoNation savings for their fleet upgrades.

AutoNation Nissan: A Trusted Name in Automotive Sales

Looking for a new or pre-owned vehicle? AutoNation Nissan is a standout choice.

They have over2 300 locations with 33 brands, covering 18+ states. Since 1996, they’ve sold and serviced over2 14,000,000 vehicles.

This includes a huge variety of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, over2 100,000 in total.

Unparalleled Customer Service

AutoNation Nissan’s success is thanks to its amazing customer service.

They work closely with each person to meet their specific needs. This leads to a purchasing experience that is unique and right for you.

Their sales team is there to help from start to finish, focused on being open and trustworthy.

Vast Selection of New and Pre-Owned Vehicles

AutoNation Nissan is known for its wide variety of new and used cars.

The website features many Nissan models like the Altima, Sentra, and others. Customers can easily find what they need, selecting by features like trim or color.

They can also start financing online, plus get a trade appraisal and check monthly payments.

This makes buying a car even simpler.

AutoNation Nissan stands out for its top-notch service, wide selection, and focus on the customer.

If you’re looking for a vehicle, they are ready to offer a great experience that meets or exceeds your hopes.

Exceptional Dealership Experience at AutoNation Nissan

AutoNation Nissan is all about top-notch service. Their team is filled with friendly, smart salespeople.

They work hard to make buying a car easy and special for every customer.3

Knowledgeable and Friendly Sales Staff

The folks at AutoNation Nissan really know their Nissans.

But, more importantly, they care about finding you the perfect car.

They chat with you to understand exactly what you need, making sure you drive off happy.3

Streamlined Financing Options

Picking out a car can seem overwhelming, but AutoNation Nissan’s financing folks are here to help.

They have lots of ways to help you pay, connecting with big lenders to get you the best deals.

Plus, they offer money for your old car, even if you don’t buy from them, with a deal that’s good for 7 days or 500 miles.3

Commitment to Quality and Value

AutoNation Nissan is dedicated to providing quality and value to its customers.

It’s one of the biggest autonation nissan dealerships in America.

They are known for their outstanding service and great deals.4

There are more than 300 AutoNation locations with 33 car brands in 18 states.

Since 1996, they’ve sold and serviced over 13 million cars. This shows that they are a reliable and well-trusted name.4

Skilled professionals at AutoNation Nissan ensure every car is in top shape.

They work on about 3 million cars every year. This way, they make sure customers have a smooth buying experience.4

AutoNation also has over 200 Tire and Service Centers nationwide. This network offers easy access to good parts and service.

The company also supports cancer charities with their DRVPNK initiative, which has raised almost $35 million.4

AutoNation Nissan focuses on customer satisfaction and delivering great value.

They’re recognized as 2023 CARFAX Top-Rated Dealers. Places like AutoNation Nissan Memphis have an average 4.6 out of 5 stars in customer ratings.

This reflects the high quality and value customers get.4

CARFAX provides ratings and reviews from over 2.2 million customers.

This underlines the quality service and value at AutoNation Nissan.4

Comprehensive Vehicle Maintenance Services

At AutoNation Nissan, we’re all about keeping your car in top shape. Our service centers have the best tools and technology.

They’re staffed by certified technicians eager to provide top-notch service.5

State-of-the-Art Service Centers

Our centers are comfy and convenient.

You can enjoy free Wi-Fi and watch TV while you wait.

We know you’d rather be somewhere else, so we make waiting as nice as possible.6

Certified Technicians

Our team includes certified technicians.

They train hard to work on your Nissan with expert knowledge.

From the simplest fix to the big repairs, they’ve got you covered.6

Genuine Nissan Parts

We only use real Nissan parts for your car. This ensures your vehicle is high-quality and reliable.

Our team can find and fix any parts that are worn out. Your car will run smoothly.5

We at AutoNation Nissan aim to provide the best care for your car.

From oil changes to major repairs, our experts are ready.

You can rely on us to keep your vehicle in great shape.56

AutoNation Nissan’s Commercial Vehicle Offerings

AutoNation Nissan Pembroke Pines shines with its range of reliable commercial vehicles from Nissan.

Whether you run a business, manage a fleet, or need a vehicle for personal use, we have you covered with models like the Frontier®, Titan®, and NV® series.

These vehicles are made to fit your needs perfectly.7

Nissan Frontier®

The Nissan Frontier® stands out as a tough, affordable pickup that can be customized.

It’s perfect for hauling with its strong towing power. Plus, it’s loaded with safety features and easy-to-use tech.

This makes it great for any kind of work or personal use.8

Nissan Titan®

Looking for a larger, powerful option? The Nissan Titan® XD is for you.

It’s known for its towing ability and modern features.

With gas and diesel options, it suits various needs well.8

Nissan NV® Cargo

The Nissan NV® Cargo series is ideal for big transportation jobs.

These vans have lots of space and are easy to use.

They’re built to keep your cargo safe and reach their destination efficiently.7

Nissan NV®200 Compact Cargo

The Nissan NV®200 Compact Cargo is perfect for tight spaces.

It’s a small van with a big interior and great fuel economy.

This makes it a top pick for city businesses or those needing nimble transportation.7

Nissan NV® Passenger

We also offer the Nissan NV® Passenger van.

It’s great for moving lots of people without sacrificing safety or comfort.

With room for up to 12 and top safety tech, it’s an excellent choice for various needs.8

We at AutoNation Nissan Pembroke Pines are dedicated to finding the right commercial vehicle for your needs.

Our team works with you to customize your Nissan vehicle.

We take pride in providing durable, reliable vehicles for your business or fleet.7

Customer Testimonials: What Others Say About AutoNation Nissan

At AutoNation Nissan, customer reviews show a mix of feelings.

About 11% gave 5-star ratings, loving the friendly team and easy buying experience.

However, 82% left 1-star reviews, mentioning issues like registration problems and bad service.9

This means opinions differ a lot, with only a small number giving 2 or 3 stars.9

One happy customer shared, “AutoNation Nissan’s team was great. They were upfront and buying the car was easy.

I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a new Nissan.” But, another customer’s experience was rough.

They said, “There were communication issues and my vehicle registration was a mess.

The service didn’t fix things fast enough.”

Most customers find AutoNation Nissan’s service okay, but there are some big complaints too.

Those thinking of buying from there should look into everything carefully.


AutoNation Nissan’s reviews show varying customer experiences.

Some people praise the friendly staff and easy buys.

Yet, others mention problems like late info and bad service.10

So, it’s wise for potential buyers to look into their choices well before buying here.

AutoNation runs 409 car dealerships in 19 states10.

People can find over 300 AutoNation Drives in the U.S.11.

This many locations can lead to different service qualities.

Buying a car from AutoNation Nissan needs careful thought.

It’s best for buyers to check the dealership out, read what others say, and compare. This way, they ensure getting the best deal and a smooth buy.

And they’ll likely be happier with their choice.


What are the key factors that make AutoNation Nissan a trusted choice for customers?

Based on customer reviews, AutoNation Nissan presents a mixed bag.

Some customers hail it for the friendly team and easy buy process.

Yet, others note vehicle registration hitches, poor talks, and service letdowns.

The vibe at this dealership leans on which way the wind blows for each customer.

What types of commercial and fleet vehicles does AutoNation Nissan Pembroke Pines offer?

AutoNation Nissan Pembroke Pines stocks up on all kinds of Nissan commercial and fleet rides.

Among these are the Frontier, Titan, NV Cargo, NV200 Compact Cargo, and NV Passenger.

They don’t just sell vehicles; they help tweak them to fit specific needs, even offering custom mods.

What have customers said about the overall customer experience at AutoNation Nissan?

AutoNation Nissan’s customer feedback paints a varied picture.

A set of buyers lauds the cheerful team and easy buys.

Meanwhile, others endure struggles like registration woes, poor chats, and lackluster help.

The experience largely depends on your luck at this spot.

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