Nissan March: A Compact Hatchback for Urban Adventurers

Nissan March: A Compact Hatchback for Urban Adventurers by autoambiente in
Nissan March: A Compact Hatchback for Urban Adventurers by autoambiente in

Let’s dive into the Nissan March, a compact hatchback loved by city drivers worldwide.

It grabs attention with its sleek look and is easy on the pocket, starting under $10,000.

This car proves that you can have style and save money, all while being practical.1

Designed for city life, the Nissan March is not your average car.

It looks stunning on city roads and can slip through tight spots with ease.

Thanks to its small size and nimble handling, it’s perfect for zipping through traffic and finding parking.2

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The Nissan March runs on a 1.6-liter engine, offering both power and fuel efficiency for city driving.

It has just the right amount of horsepower and torque to handle urban streets.

With its quick responses and small frame, it’s a breeze to drive and park in the city.3

Key Takeaways

  • The Nissan March is a stylish and fuel-efficient compact hatchback designed for urban driving
  • Prices start at just under $10,000, making it a budget-friendly option for city dwellers
  • The March’s efficient powertrain and agile handling deliver a fun and engaging driving experience
  • Advanced safety features and Nissan’s reputation for quality provide peace of mind for urban adventurers
  • Spacious interior and versatile cargo space make the March a practical choice for city living

Introducing the Nissan March

The Nissan March is a sleek and efficient compact car great for city life.4

It first hit the scene in 1982.

Versions include 3-door and 5-door.4 It catches the eye with its cool look in city traffic.

A Stylish and Fuel-Efficient Compact

The Nissan March runs on a great engine that saves a lot of gas.

It’s perfect for driving in the city or doing chores.4

The original model had a 987cc engine. It also had an electronic carburetor and could come with different transmissions.5

The new model is even better, using 25% less gas than in 2010. It does better than the fuel standards set in 2015.

Designed for City Driving

The car’s small size and nimble handling are good for city traffic and tight parking spots.4

In 1992, the 2nd generation brought a new type of transmission that made driving smoother and used less gas.4

Later generations added cool looks to the outside and comfy features inside, along with even better fuel economy.

Exterior Design: Sleek and Attention-Grabbing

The Nissan March catches the eye with its sleek look among small hatchbacks.6

Its 2014 facelift brought in new bumpers and a stylish front grille.

It also got snazzy 15-inch alloy wheels.

These changes made the car even more attractive.6 Its LED lights keep it up with modern styles.

The front grille, sharp headlights, and cool body lines make it look fresh and lively.6

Its small size and smooth shape help cut through the air easily. This means the Nissan March is great for driving in the city.

The March‘s look is not just stylish but also practical, good for city life.6

People used to think it looked too “cute” or “bubbly.” But after its redesign, it became a sleek, eye-catching option for city travel.

Interior Comfort and Convenience

The Nissan March may be compact, but it feels roomy inside.

It has a spacious interior that is designed well.

This means there’s enough space for the driver and passengers.7 Everyone gets to enjoy the ride comfortably, even on long trips.

Spacious Cabin for a Compact Car

The Nissan March surprises with its roominess.

Despite being compact, it offers a lot of space.

This is great for making everyone inside feel at ease.7 For city driving and adventures, it’s a top pick.

Advanced Technology Features

The March is full of tech features for city living.

It has a touchscreen, Bluetooth, and works with your phone.8

These features are perfect for the tech-minded driver. They make life on the road easier and more fun.

Interior Comfort and Convenience by autoambiente in
Interior Comfort and Convenience by autoambiente in

Performance and Handling

The March offers an agile and responsive drive, perfect for city journeys.

Its lightweight build and precise steering make it easy to navigate, slipping through traffic and small spaces.

This means less time at the pump, thanks to its great fuel efficiency.5

Agile and Responsive

This car is a dream in the city, thanks to nimble handling and precise steering.

Its drag coefficient of only 0.325 helps it cut through the air smoothly, offering a fun drive.

Plus, its light weight lets it dodge through tight spots and traffic with ease.

Efficient Fuel Economy

The Nissan March leads in fuel efficiency, getting 26.0km/L5. It’s 25% better than 2010.

Its Idling Stop system saves up to 2.0km/L5, making it a wise choice for those who care about the planet and their pocket.

Safety and Reliability

The Nissan March has top-notch advanced safety features for a safe drive.

It comes with airbags, electronic stability control, and tech-like automatic emergency braking.9 These keep you safe.

Plus, Nissan’s strong name for quality and dependability means you can trust it.7

Advanced Safety Features

Since the Nissan March 2017, there have been multiple airbags for better collision safety.7

It also boasts anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control for more stability.

These help you keep control in tough spots and avoid skidding.7

Nissan’s Reputation for Quality

Nissan is known for making cars that last. The March is no different, getting the best in build and tests.7

Thanks to its advanced safety systems, drivers and passengers feel safe. They know these extra measures are there for them.7

Nissan March for Urban Adventures

The Nissan March is a top pick for city adventures. It’s small and easy to drive in narrow streets.

This car is also fun to drive.10 It may be tiny, but the March has a big space for all your city needs.

It fits everything from your groceries to sports gear.10

Its size, maneuverability, and storage make it perfect for urban life.

Compact Size, Big on Fun

The March’s small size is perfect for city streets.10

It’s easy to turn and handles well, making driving enjoyable.

This turns your everyday drive into an adventure.10 Its power and maneuvering skills help you avoid traffic and park easily, adding fun to your ride.

Versatile Cargo Space

Don’t be fooled by its size; the March has more room than you think.10

It can hold everything you need, from food to gear.

This feature makes city life simpler.10 Its cargo space and maneuverability are a great match for urban living.

Color Options and Trims in Nissan March

Color Options and Trims of the Nissan March by autoambiente in
Color Options and Trims of the March by autoambiente in

The Nissan March comes in many colors to match your style.11

There are nine choices, including Nadeshiko Pink and Olive Gold, which are new.11

The inside also has a cool Plum option.11

Exterior Color Choices

Find the perfect color with the March‘s wide range.11

The choices go from bold to subtle, fitting every taste.11

Interior Trim Levels in Nissan March

There are lots of trim levels for the March.

Each one has unique interior styles and materials.11

This way, you can pick a Nissan March that’s both practical and reflects your style.11

The “X,” “X V Selection,” “G,” and “S” 2WD Nissan March models get a green vehicle tax break.11

This tax cut shaves off 75% of acquisition and weight taxes for some. For others, the reduction is by 50%.11

Also, a specific “G” grade has a price of ¥1,417,500.11

The new March model has fresh looks inside and out. Changes include a new grille, better headlights, and more.11

You’ll also see updates to the bumpers and rear lights for a sharper appearance.11

Ownership Experience on Nissan March

Owning a  March means enjoying a great car at a good price.

This compact hatchback is priced well, making it perfect for city life.7 Known for being well-made, Nissan cars bring reliability.

March owners get support if they need it, making ownership easy.7

Affordability and Value

The March is a top choice in its class, shining with value.7

Its price and features cater well to city driving needs.

You’ll love how it fits your budget without skimping on quality.7

Nissan’s Customer Support

Nissan stands by their owners with great customer support.7

They’re there for regular check-ups and any surprises, offering peace of mind.

This, along with the March’s steady performance, means a worry-free ride.7


The Nissan March is a small hatchback that’s great for city life.

It looks good, has a lot of space inside, drives well, and is very safe7.

It’s also good on gas, has lots of room for stuff, and is made by a trusted brand7.

All these features make it a top pick in its category.

Even though some cars like the Honda Jazz and Suzuki Swift are more popular, the March has its fans and does well12.

Many women like its cute style12. The newer models try to please both men and women.

They cost between $9,000 and $12,000, offering features like keyless entry and good air conditioning for that price12.

The Nissan March is perfect for city driving. It’s fun to drive, useful, safe, and stylish7.

It’s a great choice for anyone living in the city who needs a car7. If you’re looking for a car that fits the urban lifestyle, think about the Nissan March.

It’s dynamic and fits well in city life.


What are the key features of the Nissan March?

The Nissan March is perfect for the city with its stylish looks and good mileage.

Its sleek design outside and roomy inside are great for urban life. Plus, it handles well in city streets, making it right at home.

How does the Nissan March perform in city driving?

The Nissan March is quick and easy to drive in cities.

It’s light, steers precisely, and has an efficient engine.

This means it moves smoothly through traffic and small spaces.

What advanced safety features does the Nissan March offer?

For safety, the Nissan March has features like airbags and electronic stability control.

It also offers help like automatic braking and lane warning. These keep city drivers safe and confident.

How versatile is the Nissan March for urban adventures?

The March may be small, but it fits a lot.

It’s great for carrying things like groceries or sports gear.

With its small size, easy handling, and enough room for stuff, it’s a top choice for city life.

What color and trim options are available for the Nissan March?

There are many colors for the March, letting buyers show their style.

Also, it comes in different trims, each offering unique interiors.

This way, everyone can find a March that suits them and their needs.

What is the ownership experience like with the Nissan March?

Owning a March is both budget-friendly and of great value.

Since Nissan is known for being reliable, owning a March feels worry-free.

And with Nissan’s support, any issues are taken care of promptly.

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