Why Nissan Laurel: Read This Before Your Next Purchase

Why Nissan Laurel: Read This Before Your Next Purchase
Why Nissan Laurel: Read This Before Your Next Purchase


Have you heard that the Nissan Laurel is now one of the most desired classic cars worldwide?1 Its design, historic importance, and ongoing fame make it a treasure for vintage car lovers and JDM fans.

If you admire the high quality of Japanese cars or love the classic look, the Nissan Laurel is a must-have for enthusiasts.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Nissan Laurel is a highly sought-after classic car due to its iconic design and rich automotive history.
  • JDM collectors and enthusiasts are particularly drawn to the Nissan Laurel’s timeless allure.
  • Before making a classic car purchase, it’s essential to understand the unique features and value of the Nissan Laurel.
  • The market for classic Nissan Laurels has shown a firm to slightly increasing trend in pricing.
  • Importing a Nissan Laurel through a trusted service like Japan Car Direct can provide cost savings and reliable support.

A Rare Beast: The 1984 Nissan Laurel 2.8 Diesel

The 1984 Nissan Laurel 2.8 diesel stands out in the world of classic cars.

Its unique diesel engine is a big reason why.

This model is not easy to find in the car scene. (source:1)

The 1984 Nissan Laurel may not have much legroom, but its elegance shines.

The seats featuring tufted beige velour look as good as new. They are a sign of the deep care put into this car.

“The 1984 Nissan Laurel 2.8 diesel is a testament to the automotive craftsmanship of its time. This exceptional model represents a blend of style, performance, and durability that is hard to find in today’s vehicles.” – Classic Car Enthusiast

This car’s diesel engine is part of what makes it unique.

It not only runs well but also gives the car a cool retro vibe.

People who love classic cars find this aspect very appealing. (source:1)

Year Model Kilometers Price
1984 Nissan Laurel 42,000 €12,000
1985 Nissan Laurel 100,000 €10,000
1985 Nissan Laurel 136,000 €7,000
1985 Nissan Laurel 100,000 €12,000


Jutland’s E-Z Biler shares that a 1984 Nissan Laurel 2.8 diesel costs €12,000 with 42,000 kilometers.

This price fits well with what similar cars are going for in places like Austria and Germany.

The market shows that the value of cars like the Nissan Laurel has gone up a lot over time.

This makes the 1984 Nissan Laurel a smart buy for those into classic cars. (source:1)

Unveiling Serendipity: The Joy of Spotting a Nissan Laurel

Unveiling Serendipity: The Joy of Spotting a Nissan Laurel

Seeing a Nissan Laurel on the road is special. It’s not a common car.

Finding one unexpectedly feels like you’ve found a hidden gem.

It’s even more exciting than seeing it in a shop.

This is because the Nissan Laurel is rare.

This makes it a treasure for those who love cars.2

Rising Prices and the Allure of Recent Classics

The car market is always changing.

Now, cars like the Nissan Laurel are catching the eye of fans and collectors.

These older cars are now much more valuable and sought after.

A few years back, cars like the Nissan Laurel didn’t cost as much.

But their value has gone up a lot.

For instance, the 1970 Nissan Laurel 2000GX was first sold for $49,000.

Now, it’s worth $249,000, a 500% increase (3).

People are starting to love classic cars more.

These recent classics let fans own a piece of car history.

They remind us of the good old days of car making.

One reason these cars are worth more is because they have features not found in new cars.

Things like an ashtray or a stick shift are rare today.

This makes people nostalgic for these kinds of cars.

Also, cars like the Nissan Laurel have special looks and details that make them unique.

Things like fancy wheel covers or a touch of rust can make them more attractive to buyers.

These cars offer a great chance for people who love fixing up old cars.

Whether it’s fixing the seats or cleaning up the gas tank, these projects are popular among car lovers (3).

Statistical Data Source
The original listing price for the 1970 Nissan Laurel 2000GX was $49,000, but it has since increased to $249,000, marking a 500% price jump. 3
The Nissan Laurel hardtop version was manufactured from 1968 to 1972, while the two-door hardtop model was introduced in 1970. 3
The Nissan Laurel 2000GX boasts a 2.0L inline-four engine with twin-carburetors generating around 125 hp. 3
The car features a Jatco L3N three-speed automatic transmission with a floor shifter, which differs from a more desirable 4-speed manual transmission. 3
The vehicle comes with full wheel covers and 14″ whitewall tires, and the seller mentions some rust on the car, particularly on the hood. 3
The interior of the car presents well, with near-perfect front and rear seats, potentially warranting a full restoration. 3
The seller notes that the car runs and drives but indicates the need for cleaning the gas tank and mentions the presence of an electric fuel pump and water pump. 3

Unique JDM Appeal: The Nissan Laurel’s Journey to the US

Unique JDM Appeal: The Nissan Laurel's Journey to the US by autoambiente in autoambiente.com
Unique JDM Appeal: The Nissan Laurel’s Journey to the US by autoambiente in autoambiente.comUnique JDM Appeal: The Nissan Laurel’s Journey to the US by autoambiente in autoambiente.com

The Nissan Laurel, a beloved JDM car, has reached the United States.

This is all thanks to the 25-year import law4.

Car fans have quickly adored its luxury and top-notch performance.

An especially loved feature is the powerful RB straight-six engine4.

The Laurel’s arrival has left a big mark on the US car scene.

It comes with a rear-wheel-drive and modifiable engine.

This has made it a hit in the drift world. Its elegant looks, premium features, and top-notch performance have cemented its place as a classic5.

Thanks to the 25-year rule, Americans can now enjoy the Laurel.

Its luxurious details, great handling, and strong engine make it a top pick for JDM lovers4.

Whether on the road or as a drift car, the Laurel adds a Japanese touch to the US roads.

S13 Sedan’s Stunning Nissan Laurel Build

S13 Sedan is a key figure in the car scene.

He’s on a special journey with his Nissan Laurel, making it truly outstanding.

His work shows how the Haiso style can add luxury and a hint of Japan to a car.

He has turned his Nissan Laurel into something unique and amazing.

Every change he makes, from the wire wheels to the special exhaust, is classy.

It brings out the essence of Haiso brilliantly.

S13 Sedan proves how beautiful and flexible the JDM car world can be with his Nissan Laurel.

Through the Haiso style, he makes original adjustments that take the Nissan Laurel’s form to a higher level.

It shines a light on how car enthusiasts, like S13 Sedan, can make true marvels with their creativity.6

Driving a Right-Hand Drive Nissan Laurel in the US

Driving a right-hand drive (RHD) car in the US, like the Nissan Laurel, is thrilling for JDM fans.

S13 Sedan, a Nissan Laurel owner, tells us about his adventure.

He shares what it’s like cruising American roads in this unique RHD car.

Adapting took a bit of time for the S13 Sedan.

Starting was tricky; driving on the right, shifting with his left.

But, getting used to it turned out fine.

The change was interesting. Little differences, like the wipers position, made it feel special to drive a Nissan Laurel7.

Soon, S13 Sedan loved every part of driving this RHD car.

The unusual view from the driver’s seat was refreshing.

Also, the Nissan Laurel’s handling was great, with a powerful engine and smooth suspension.

It struck a good balance between performance and comfort.

Having a right-hand drive Nissan Laurel in the US turns heads on the street.

People are curious about its standout design.

Its JDM allure makes the Nissan Laurel stand out, giving US roads a unique charm.

Owning a Nissan Laurel connected the S13 Sedan with a community of RHD fans.

The car meets and events let him mingle with others who love JDM cars.

This shared passion adds to the fun of owning and driving these special vehicles.

Modifications and Personalization

S13 Sedan loves customizing his Nissan Laurel.

He follows the Haiso style popular in late 80s and early 90s Japan.

By lowering it, adding Weiser wheels, and tweaking the exhaust, his car is now a head-turner.

It stands out in any crowd8.

Owning an RHD Nissan Laurel in the US isn’t easy, but it’s rewarding.

The mix of JDM culture, unique driving experience, and personal modifications makes the journey unforgettable.


Challenges Advantages
Sourcing Laurel-specific parts can be challenging, particularly body and interior components. The enduring popularity and reputation of the Nissan Laurel make it easier to find compatible mechanical parts.
Adapting to a right-hand drive configuration requires initial adjustment. The RHD driving experience offers a unique perspective and adds a sense of novelty.
Navigating local regulations and insurance requirements for a RHD car can be complex. Owning an RHD Nissan Laurel in the US provides exclusivity and attracts attention on the roads.

The Timeless Allure of the Nissan Laurel

The Timeless Allure of the Nissan Laurel by autoambiente in autoambiente.com
The Timeless Allure of the Nissan Laurel by autoambiente in autoambiente.com

Car lovers have always been drawn to the Nissan Laurel’s time-honored appeal.

It is beloved for its mix of luxury, performance, and stylish design.

With a sleek look and a unique 4-door hardtop, this classic is truly one of a kind.

Since it first hit the scene in 19689, the Nissan Laurel has evolved.

It has always set new style and performance standards.

Early on, it wowed everyone with powerful inline-six engines, showing Nissan’s drive for top-notch driving experiences.

This car’s charm isn’t just skin deep.

Its fuel economy is great for its class.

That, along with its eye-catching style, has made it a favorite among car fans.

“The Nissan Laurel remains an icon in the automotive industry, cherished for its timeless design, technological advancements, and lasting impact on automotive culture.” – Automotive Enthusiast

The Nissan Laurel is also known for its safety.

It comes with high-end features like ABS, airbags, and traction control.

Nissan’s focus on safety shines through in this car.

Also, the Laurel’s wheels and fuel tank have changed over time.

This makes for a safer and more comfortable drive for different models and generations.

Adding to its appeal are the various trim levels and special editions available9.

Each Laurel version offers a different kind of luxury and performance. This makes a special drive for those who love cars.

Even today, the Nissan Laurel is held in high regard by car fans.

They praise its timeless design and technology.

It stands as a symbol of greatness in the automotive world.

This enduring charm makes it a sought-after classic car.


The Nissan Laurel is no ordinary old car.

It’s a top choice for people who love vintage cars and JDM models.

Its timeless charm, unique style, and lasting popularity have made it a true icon.

Since 196810, the Nissan Laurel has won hearts with its many engine types.

This includes inline-six, inline-four, and V6 engines with different power levels10.

It also comes with a variety of wheel sizes and gas tank sizes, from 13 to 17 inches and around 60 to 70 liters10.

This makes it attractive to a wide range of car enthusiasts.

During its 34 years on the market, the Nissan Laurel experienced ups and downs in sales.

The C33 model was the most popular, selling nearly 350,000 units11. The C35, the last generation, sold just over 100,000 units, making it the least favored11.

Despite this, the C35 Laurel offers a great ride.

It has different engine sizes, from a 2-liter, 155hp engine to a powerful turbocharged 2.5-liter with 280hp11.

But the Laurel’s charm goes beyond its specs.

It’s made famous by its role in movies and TV and its passionate fan base.

People are excited about its potential to be more widely available in the US11.

The Nissan Laurel truly represents what’s great about old cars.

It’s a classic that mixes style, performance, and the JDM spirit perfectly.


Why is the Nissan Laurel considered the ultimate classic car?

The Nissan Laurel is seen as the top classic car for many reasons.

It has a unique design, and a rich history, and is loved by collectors and JDM fans.

What makes the 1984 Nissan Laurel 2.8 Diesel special?

The 1984 Nissan Laurel 2.8 Diesel is special because of its rare diesel engine.

This makes it stand out among classic cars.

Is the interior of the 1984 Nissan Laurel spacious?

Even though the 1984 Nissan Laurel is not huge, its interior is not very spacious.

The beautiful tufted beige velour upholstery, in great condition, adds to its appeal.

Why is spotting a Nissan Laurel considered a joy?

Seeing a Nissan Laurel unexpectedly is exciting, like finding hidden treasure.

It is a rare car, so finding one feels like a lucky surprise.

Why have the prices of recent classics like the Nissan Laurel been rising?

The Nissan Laurel and other classics’ prices have gone up because more people appreciate them.

They are unique with features not in new cars.

How did the Nissan Laurel make its way to the US?

The US got the Nissan Laurel thanks to the 25-year import rule.

Its JDM appeal, luxury, and great driving have won fans over.

What is unique about the S13 Sedan’s Nissan Laurel build?

S13 Sedan has made a unique Nissan Laurel.

It mixes high-end luxury with a bit of Japanese style.

This includes special wheels and an exhaust, highlighting the Haiso look.

What is the experience of driving a right-hand drive Nissan Laurel in the US?

Driving a right-hand drive Nissan Laurel in the US is unique.

At first, it’s odd but gets easy quickly.

It comes with special features like reversed wiper controls, making it more interesting.

What sets the Nissan Laurel apart from other classic cars?

The Nissan Laurel shines because of its mix of luxury, performance, and unique design.

Its style and 4-door hardtop make it different from other classics cars.

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